Jesus Radio Broadcast Schedule

Monday - Friday

Joyce Meyer - "Everyday Life" daily 2 am, 8 am, 12 noon
Kenneth E. Hagin - "Rhema" daily 9 am


Joyce Meyer - "Everyday Life" 

   Saturday 2 am Monday rebroadcast

                  8 am Tuesday rebroadcast

                  12 noon Wednesday rebroadcast

     Sunday 2 am Wednesday rebroadcast

                  8 am Thursday rebroadcast

                  12 noon Friday rebroadcast

Kenneth E. Hagin - "Rhema"  9 am

             Saturday 9 am Thursday rebroadcast

              Sunday 9 am Friday rebroadcast

Basin Sermon of the Week:  "Living the Life" - With Ann Hall or Colleen Graham, Life Community Church 

        Saturday & Sunday 10 am & 10 pm


If your church would like to submit a program or sermon, contact us at



This schedule is subject to change; watch for revisions!