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How can we at our churches get involved?

Thank you ... for asking "How can we at our churches get involved?"

#1 we can use prayer support -prayer for wisdom both for the spiritual and for the physical aspects of the mission of the station.

#2 we are looking for support - spreading the word about the station both on-air and on-line.

#3 We are looking for sponsors from churches and businesses.

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Under New Management


I am the new station manager and president of Jesus Radio, Inc. Along with my wife, Kathy, we would like to let you know we value each and every one of you.

Here is some of the vision of KZZF for 2018:

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Jesus Radio is on the lookout for a new building in which to put the broadcast production studio!

board div bgIt would be great if someone would donate all or part of the facility to Jesus Radio, Inc. a 501c(3) non-profit organization. That would allow the donor to claim it as a tax deduction!!

Whadyathink Klamath Falls??!!  If you have any ideas, email us at:

Thanks for your prayers regarding this matter.

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We're building a new website!

website screen shotWelcome to the new website for Jesus Radio FM 107.7.  As of this writing, we are not yet fully live with it; it's currently under development.  We will be offering sponsorships for various time slots, which help Jesus Radio continue. In return, sponsors can receive multiple spots per day recognizing their support and business/nonprofit organization.  Please contact us if you would like to become a sponsor!

We are also on Twitter: @jesusradio1077

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