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How can we at our churches get involved?

Thank you ... for asking "How can we at our churches get involved?"

#1 we can use prayer support -prayer for wisdom both for the spiritual and for the physical aspects of the mission of the station.

#2 we are looking for support - spreading the word about the station both on-air and on-line.

#3 We are looking for sponsors from churches and businesses.

As I described in the email I sent to ... on Feb 5, we can do 'spots' ....
After your text yesterday, it came to me that churches could promote the station by
announcing/displaying the station address on their projection screen ...

We are also looking for everyday people to send donations.
ideas: 300 people to give $5 per month
people to donate portions of proceeds from yard sales, etc.
We now have a donation button on the website.

We are needing to update/replace equipment to improve reception in the community air-waves.
We have ongoing expenses for regular operation- tower rent, streaming costs, BMI broadcast license fees, etc.

Personally, I would like to see the station be so blessed that it could bless the people who volunteer time regularly at the station.

There is more that could be said,
I'll save that for another time (or another blog)!!

Yours in Christ,

Clyde Wilson
President, Jesus Radio, Inc.

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